Derby Arena

Our professionally designed Cross Country (XC) Derby Arena is on a founded on a super fibre sand textured surface. The Arena has been carefully designed with inviting fences to encourage both horse and rider. Fences are both permanent and portable, ranging from 70cm to 1.00m in height

The Arena includes different types of jumps including a large water jump with both simple and difficult ways into it, banks, coffins, devils dike, steps and about 25 different portable fences that are spread around. We have simple lines for people starting off to more difficult lines for people who are out competing.

Our course is designed to challenge the horse and rider and in doing so build confidence for the horse/rider team. This facility provides first class training opportunities for all levels (beginner to elite).

We advise people to ring/text before arriving for open schooling as the arena is also privately hired for clinics and lessons so we don’t want to disappoint you.

Open Schooling = €25 per horse

Private Hire = €120 per hour

Water Jump.jpgXC ARENA JUMP.jpgIMG_E3360.JPG